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Wallingford Maternity and Birthing Centre

The Wallingford Maternity and Birthing Centre is a friendly, midwifery-led unit situated within Wallingford Community Hospital. It is run by experienced community midwives assisted by maternity care assistants (MCA).

The refurbished unit now has two new birthing pools and ensuite bathroom facilities and is fully equipped for natural childbirth, with two delivery rooms, a two-bedded room for mothers and babies and a lounge / dining room. It offers a comfortable, peaceful environment with a courtyard garden for use, if required, during early labour. Food is freshly prepared on the site every day.

Tours are available of the new refurbished unit on:

  • Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons

To arrange a visit please call us.

  • Tel: 01491 826037

What we offer

We can offer you one-to-one care during labour with a midwife who is highly experienced in caring for women in natural childbirth. Our midwives are skilled at identifying possible complications: your safety is paramount. If your midwife is concerned at any point about the safety of you or your baby she will transfer you to the John Radcliffe Hospital Women's Centre, Oxford, by ambulance.

During labour your midwife will help you find comfortable, supported upright and forward-leaning positions as labour progresses, using equipment such as a bean bag, floor mattress, birthing pool or birth ball. Your own choice of music is encouraged. Massage, aromatherapy, TENS, Entonox (gas and air) and pain relieving Meptid injection are also available, should you need them.

If you would like to have your baby here:

  • your pregnancy should be straightforward
  • you should not have any medical or obstetric problems
  • you should go into labour at between 37 and 42 weeks.

If you do not meet the above conditions but you still wish to have your baby with us, or at home with our support, please speak to one of our supervisors.

If you live outside Oxfordshire but you are thinking of having your baby at the Wallingford Maternity and Birthing Centre, please discuss this with your local community midwife. You will need to make an appointment to see us, and you may want to come and have a look around.

For more information, ask your midwife for the leaflet 'Information for parents choosing a home birth or birth in a midwifery-led unit'.

After the birth

If you wish, we make sure you have skin-to-skin contact with your baby and help you to breastfeed soon after the birth. Our unit has been awarded the UNICEF Global Baby Friendly Award for our commitment to helping mothers breastfeed. We will also help you to look after your baby. The length of your stay may vary from just a few hours to a couple of days depending on your needs. Our aim is that you leave the unit feeling rested and confident in caring for your baby.

Some mothers like to transfer to the Wallingford Maternity and Birthing Centre for their postnatal care shortly after giving birth in the delivery suite at the John Radcliffe Hospital Women's Centre.

After you return home you may phone our 24 hour advice line for any concerns.

  • Tel: 01491 826037

Other support we can give you includes home visits, breastfeeding support or return visits to the ward should you wish to come back and see us for help.

Find us and contact us

  • Wallingford Maternity and Birthing Centre
    Wallingford Community Hospital
    Reading Road
    Wallingford OX10 9DU
  • Tel: 01491 826037