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Infant feeding resources

Baby Friendly Initiative | Call to Action

Duration: 2 minutes 1 second
We all need to support breastfeeding mothers - find out why

Breastfeeding information

Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) leaflet

NCT information sheet: how to know your baby is feeding well

Bottle feeding information

Department of Health restates guidance on preparation of infant formula: January 2013

The Chief Medical Officer and Director for Public Health Nursing in England have written to health professionals to restate existing guidance on preparing infant formula following some recent public debate about preparing formula at a temperature below 70°C.

"We would like to reiterate that the position of the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency is, that it is best practice to make up infant feeds by reconstituting formula powder using water at a temperature of 70°C or above. This guidance is in line with World Health Organization recommendations and aims to ensure that the potential microbiological risks associated with these products are kept to a minimum."

NCT information sheet: how to know your baby is feeding well

The Baby Friendly Initiative (UNICEF)

In this video, UNICEF highlights the issues behind the UK's low breastfeeding rates, and call on UK and devolved governments to take urgent steps to tackle this.

Weaning information

E-learning for GPs