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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Referral information for patients

Your GP must refer you for your first appointment at OxSport. After this we will offer email and face-to-face follow-up and rehabilitation.

Referral information for GPs

Please refer to OxSport through the MSK hub service.

If you have questions about this process or your referral, please contact us:

We will aim to respond to your query within two working days.

OxSport are happy to accept referrals for patients with the following.

  1. An injury or illness that occurred as a result of participation in / is preventing participation in sport or physical activity.

  2. Children/adolescents with sport-related problems.

  3. Recurrent or persistent musculoskeletal injury/problem; e.g. resistant tendinopathy, chronic groin/back pain.

  4. If imaging/investigation is likely to be needed.

  5. If intervention e.g. injection is potentially needed.

  6. Other co-morbid factors, which may increase the risk of significant injury e.g. prolonged amenorrhoea in a female athlete, biomechanical abnormality.

  7. Lack of a specific diagnosis.

  8. Medical co-morbidity preventing exercise for health.

We also welcome referral from outside Oxfordshire. Please refer directly to OxSport.

Private patients can be seen through our private service at the Oxford Clinic: OxSEM.