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Cancer Services

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Teenage and Young Adult Cancer MDT

The Oxford Paediatric Department based at the Children's Hospital and the Adult Oncology and Haematology departments based at the Oxford Cancer Centre work in partnership to form the designated Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Principal Treatment Centre (PTC).

The PTC provides age-appropriate care, including diagnosis, treatment and management for teenagers and young adults aged 16-24 (up to their 25th birthday).

Treatment is available for a wide range of cancers, and there are close links with the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre for sarcoma patients and orthopaedics.

The TYA MDT is held every Monday and is an essential component in providing high quality care to
teenagers and young adults with cancer.

We are supported by doctors and nurses across the specialties, and our MDT meetings are attended by a wide range of clinical and support staff including:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • clinical psychologists
  • teachers
  • radiographers
  • chaplaincy.

The MDT will ensure that:

  • patients are offered all appropriate avenues of support
  • psychological and social needs of TYA patients are addressed
  • patients are considered from a range of viewpoints and expertise
  • there is regular professional discussion and shared learning
  • all TYA patients with a cancer diagnosis will get registered onto the national database.

An MDT referral form can be requested from the MDT Co-ordinator:

Our team

Our team currently consists of:

  • Lead TYA Clinician
  • Lead TYA Nurse
  • Nurse Specialist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Co-ordinator
  • CLIC Sargent Social Worker
  • TYA MDT Co-ordinator

We have dedicated cancer specialist clinicians and nurses who care for patients of all age groups and all tumour types across the OUH, and we work closely together with them to coordinate the care of teenagers and young adults.

The specialist nurses also take on the role of 'key worker' for each patient, and act as a point of contact whenever a patient has questions or concerns.

We also have specialist paediatric oncology outreach nurses, who have a huge amount of experience caring for young cancer patients.

Karen Sherbourne

Nursing Lead for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer

  • Email:
  • Karen has many years of experience in caring for teenage and young adult patients with a wide range of cancers.

Vickie Riley

Nurse Specialist for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer

  • Email:
  • Vickie offers support, guidance and information to young people aged 16-24 diagnosed with cancer, their families, friends and significant others.

Ruth East

Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Co-ordinator

  • Email:
  • Ruth aims to ensure young people do not become isolated during treatment and beyond, and that they have access to appropriate interventions which allow them to function and develop as young adults.

Dr Emily Betts

Clinical Psychologist

  • Email:
  • Emily supports young people with coping and adjusting to their diagnosis and treatment by offering practical ideas and suggestions.

Marc Sidwell

CLIC Sargent Social Worker

  • Email:
  • Marc is the CLIC Sargent social worker for teenagers and young adults in Oxford. He provides emotional, practical and financial support for patients and their families.

Elena Berezny

Teenage and Young Adult MDT Co-ordinator

  • Email: /
  • Elle coordinates the multidisciplinary team meeting, collecting information on each patient so that the wider team can engage in informed discussion regarding patients' care.

Further information

Fertility preservation

We now offer a service which preserves fertility in young patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This involves the freezing of ovarian or testicular tissue for reimplantation later in life.

For more information please visit:

Find us and contact us

  • Oxford Cancer Centre
    Churchill Hospital
    Old Road
    Oxford OX3 7LJ
  • Tel: 01865 221200 (CLIC Sargent Social Worker)
  • Tel: 01865 572281 (ANP / Nursing Lead for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer)
  • Tel: 01865 227343 (MDT Co-ordinator)