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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

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Research and development

The Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering undertakes appropriate research and development to improve the quality of services provided and to contribute to the development of physics and engineering in medicine.

Recent project areas include the following:

  • Imaging in radiotherapy
    A joint post with the University of Oxford, funded by Cancer Research UK, to extend and improve imaging techniques for cancer treatment.
  • Electrical safety in the patient environment
    An innovation project with an industrial partner to develop and market a novel solution to the problems of isolated electrical power supplies.
  • Intra-operative monitoring
    Development of techniques for improved assessment of spinal cord integrity.
  • Occupational exposure to magnetic fields
    Measuring static and time-varying magnetic fields to assess exposure of staff involved in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  • In-vivo monitoring in radiotherapy
    Assessing the dosimetric impact of continuous or intermittent monitoring of patient exposures.