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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Strategic objectives

As a financially viable and a well-governed organisation our focus is on quality of care, innovating and continuously improving our services.

Delivering Compassionate Excellence - our vision and ambition

The Trust has recently published a Business Plan which sets out the services we provide, our long-term objectives, and how we will operate as a legally-constituted NHS Foundation Trust over a five-year period to March 2020.

Our vision

To deliver excellence and value in patient care, teaching and research within a culture of compassion and integrity.

Our values

learning, respect, delivery, excellence, compassion, improvement
  • Excellence
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Delivery
  • Learning
  • Improvement

Strategic objectives

1. Delivering compassionate excellence

To be a patient-centred organisation providing high-quality, compassionate care with integrity.

High level priorities

  • Improve access to services and reduce delayed transfers
  • Improve quality, safety and patient experience year on year
  • Involve patients in service development

2. A well-governed and adaptable organisation

To be a well-governed organisation with high standards of assurance, responsive to members and stakeholders in transforming services to meet future needs.

High level priorities

  • Achieve compliance with national standards
  • Develop robust governance and assurance systems
  • Establish Council of Governors and membership

3. Delivering better value healthcare

To meet the economic challenges and changes in the NHS by providing efficient and cost-effective services and better value healthcare.

High level priorities

  • Making savings and internal efficiencies such as weekend working
  • Better use of our PFI estate
  • Deliver clinical efficiencies through EPR

4. Delivering integrated local healthcare

To provide high-quality general acute healthcare to the people of Oxfordshire including more joined-up care across local health and social care services.

High level priorities

  • Work with GPs and trusts to improve pathways
  • Patients are cared for in the best place for them
  • New models of care outside hospital

5. Excellence in secondary and specialist care through sustainable clinical networks

To develop clinical networks that support the delivery of services through a regional network of care to benefit our partner organisations and the people they serve.

High level priorities

  • Expand specialist services through strengthening of clinical networks e.g. trauma, stroke, vascular
  • Develop regional partnerships with provider trusts

6. Delivering the benefits of research and innovation to patients

To develop durable partnerships with academic, health and social care partners and the life sciences industry to facilitate discovery and implement its benefits.

High level priorities

  • Deliver translational research to drive improvements in clinical services
  • Partner in Academic Health Science Network - joint work on key themes such as dementia

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